Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pinterest Project 2 ~ Oatmeal Canister Hair Accessory Holder

This project kind of went along with the Bathroom Face Lift....My daughters have several head bands, hair scrunchies, barrettes, clips, etc.  They filled a whole drawer in our bathroom and in my daughters bedrooms.  I knew I wanted to have them all organized and in one place!  Quite awhile back I had came across re purposing an oatmeal canister on Pinterest and had pinned and saved it for a "later" project....well now was the perfect time to give it a try!  (If you just type in oatmeal canister on Pinterest it will come up with several different projects to do with your oatmeal canister along with the handy dandy hair accessory holder.)
  1. First I emptied my oatmeal into Ziploc bags! 
  2. Then I wiped out the inside of my canister.
  3. Then I covered the canister with 12x12 scrapbook paper cut to size (I'm sure you could use contact paper or fabric or some other creative "cover up"). 
  4. I used my hot glue gun to attach it. (I'm sure Mod Podge might work too!)
  5. I then added ribbon around the top and the bottom.  (You could dress up the canister any way you wanted with glitter, stickers, stamps, flowers, feathers....get creative!)
  6. My daughters then put their headbands on the outside which is a perfect fit and then filled the inside of the canister with scrunchies, barrettes, clips etc.    

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