Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pinterest Project 1 ~ Bathroom Face Lift

OK so I have said it before and I will say it over and over....I'm addicted to Pinterest!  Our bathroom needed some serious help and on a budget at that.  So I went to Pinterest for some ideas.
I decided on a few projects that I thought might be doable for me and my husband!...  Stain our vanity and light fixture and do a faux granite top.  Paint the walls (which involved removing a wallpaper boarder...blah) and frame our old ugly mirror and make a back splash. 

Well most of the projects worked out really well.  I absolutely loved the gel stain made by General Finishes.  First time I had ever used gel and it was 100% better than the usual "liquid" stain we use.  We didn't follow the tutorials to a "T", we ended up using different items that we thought would work better for us.

The counter top was a bit of an adventure, we definitely learned some lessons. Make sure it is spread very very even make sure you get those bubbles to pop or you will see them.  All in all I like my counter but don't look too close or you will see the flaws! 

This was what I had to start with... ugly white laminate counters and old mirror that didn't have a border and oak vanity that was well loved (and looked like it!)  And green walls that needed some life to them along with removing a wallpaper border.  I removed the wallpaper border with pure vinegar (it was stuck really well in spots).
Next I used Kilz spray paint primer on the counter, let that dry over night. Then applied the acrylic craft paints in colors that matched a swatch of granite counter top that I picked up at Home Depot.  I was really scared when it looked like this. (These "polka dots" where made just using a clean sponge and dabbing it on.)
I then went over the dots with a paper towel scrunched up in my hand and that looked much better to me! (Yes I made a huge mess on the walls and mirrors but that gets covered up later.)
Then the scariest part of all applying the Epoxy. We used a product called Parks Super Glaze.  ~~Note~~ make sure as soon as the epoxy is set enough that it wont drip that you remove whatever you use to keep the Epoxy from going onto the floor or into your vanity because it will become a BIG project!  (Our cardboard that we stapled onto the counter and inside the sink hole stuck to the counter and has to be chiseled off!!~Not Cool, live and learn the hard way!)
 Finished counter and stain job! 
First did a light sanding job then cleaned vanity, hardware and doors were removed. Then 3 coats of General Finishes Gel Stain and 2 coats of General Finishes Gel Top Coat were applied which took several days with drying time.  I really like the way it turned out!!
Next a glass mosaic tile back splash was attached to the mirror with liquid nails and then black grout was used to fill in the cracks.
 This is the mirror with wood trim attached with liquid nails and stained the same color as the vanity.

These pictures don't do the project justice but we are really happy with it.  Unfortunately the bathroom is really narrow so its hard to get in there and take pictures.
Here are a few links that I used to help us along the way:


  1. very nice Kendra! I really, REALLY like it!!! :)

  2. nice job on the bathroom. I've been using the gel stain as well and was wondering what color did you use and how did you get the dark accents?

  3. Sorry for such a late response! We used General Finishes Gel Stain in Java. We did a couple different coats and the dark accents were just created by the stain taking up the grains in the wood (I think!)