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We are a busy family of 4 often referred to as the Gano Gang. 
I ( Kendra) have been blessed with two beautiful very active full of life and energy little girls and a husband that is as much of a kid as they are.  Then there is me the busy body the master mind behind all the projects, hobbies and activities I get myself and my family into.  Anyone that knows me knows I only function with 3,000 things to do at once and I just love to get into all kinds of hobbies from baking, cooking, photography to crafts you name it its quite possible I have tried it or its on my list!  I often feel like I'm a  "Jack of all trades Master of none!" kinda person.  (A quote often used by a co-worker of mine!)  I must confess I'm addicted to Pinterest and everything about Pinterest.......I wish I could do half the creative stuff i find on Pinterst!  I wish every diet plan and exercise routine was just for me and that ever sewing project and "no sew" project was as easy as it says it is, and that every recipe came out perfect but.... well ....we all know that life cant be that easy! 
I started this blog to show what we have been up to in our crazy world and to show the sweet creations I have been up to in the kitchen! I had a lot of inspirations to get more into my baking creativity. My girls were one of them along with my very supportive husband (that is more than happy for me to be baking and him being the taste tester). My mother and grandma are an inspiration and wonderful cooks/bakers.  My grandma always used to bake and decorate cakes when we were growing up and started out doing that for my girls too, until the day I got brave and wanted to give it a try myself. 

Making goodies is a hobby of mine.  From time to time I get free time in my schedule to make treats for others.

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