Wednesday, April 24, 2013

??What Frosting Will Win The Taste Test???

Ok so this cake looks more like a gender reveal cake but its more like this...I have two frostings that I use and I cant decide which one to be the one and only frosting to make.  They both are good and they both are very similar.  So I made my big list up of pros and cons of each frosting and still couldn't decide!  So I had an even brighter idea I made a cake and decorate it half and half and found some willing taste testers!  So out of 10 taste testers that tried a piece of "pink" and a piece of "blue" 5 chose "blue" and 5 chose "pink"  each tester said they were both good but they had to choose only 1!  So I decided to go with the frosting that I liked the best and the frosting that was the easiest to work with!

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