Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tough Mudder 2013

Proud of my husband he is one "Tuff Mudder"  He started the course at 8:20 am and completed it 2 hrs later.  Not bad as a rookie and not bad compared to his other team mates one that finished at 2 hrs 20 min and 2 that finished at 3 hrs!  They all did good it was pretty muddy but couldn't have asked for a better day to be running through the mud and falling into the ice cold waters!
The guys before the race

I finally caught up to my hubby on obstacle 16. I totally missed him at the beginning! I guess he was like a bolt of lightening and sped right on past!

The Ladder to Hell

Jumping 15 feet down into a muddy pond of cold water that was 14 feet deep...I caught him with the camera as he was going in.

Finally at the finish getting zapped with the electro shock therapy.

A cold beer and a head band and a T-Shirt to make it all worth it!

The guys after the race

Our truck got decorated while we were at the race.

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