Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter (or is it Eastermas??)

It was a busy Easter but we wouldn't (or couldn't) have had it any other way!  It was a cold windy rainy day but you cant expect too much out of Ohio weather.
We started our day with Church then lunch at Aunt Annie's and Uncle Greg's.  The kids had to find their hidden baskets there and Easter Eggs and they had a pinata too.  Then off to have supper at Mom and Pop's with a few Easter gifts and then off to Ma and Pa's for Easter Baskets and a little egg hunt.  Boy were we tired by the end of the day.  And we had a lot to do when we got home....some where I lost my memo that Easter has turned into Easter and Christmas combined.....hmmm somethings wrong with that picture (see the end of this post....)
Got the girls to stand outside for 5 minutes for Easter pictures even though we were freezing and the wind was giving them new hair dues!

"K" can always throw on a smile and bust a move (and boy does that girl have some moves!)

We did an egg hunt at Aunt Annie's and Uncle Greg's.  Each kid had to find the color of eggs to match their baskets.  That way everyone had the same amount of treasures and it made it a little tougher.  A great idea found on Pinterest by my sister in law.

Everyone gets a chance at the Easter egg pinata.......who will be the lucky one?????

Cousin "R" gets the best hit and he shares the treasures with his little sister and girl cousins.

Getting their Easter Baskets at Ma and Pa's

Yeah!!!  A hidden egg found!

All the bags were unloaded from our Uhal (I mean vehicle)

Then everything was removed and sorted and there sure was a lot of sorting and unloading to do!

All in all we had a great time but wow next year maybe we could take it down a notch or two or three!
Being the nice person that I am and the fact that I didn't want to fill the dentists pockets anymore I sent quite an over flowing Easter basket to work with my husband so that they could all enjoy the cavities I mean goodies!  Don't worry the girls had plenty left here to enjoy too I didnt send it all away!

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